Venue for fashion shows and shootings near Milano

Looking for a stunning stately home to set up your collection shows or to shoot commercials? Villa Caroli Zanchi, in the very heart of Lombardy, definitely worths a visit. You'll be thrilled!


Villa for fashion shows and shootings near Milano and Bergamo

Ideal venue for fashion shows and exclusive photo shootings


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Fashion & Shooting

At just half an hour drive from downtown Milan, the allure and prestige of one of the most valuable and interesting stately homes in Lombardy. Villa Caroli Zanchi is a beautiful XIX century building, whose richness and elegance make it perfect for fashion shows and fashion shootings, but also for shooting of any kind of products, for the making up of new catalogues, as well as for the shooting of spots and short movies.


From Cavalli to Moschino, Dolce Gabbana and Rocco Barocco, just to name a few, countless are the major fashion brands who chose Villa Zanchi for their new collection displays, either jewels or clothing.


Either "naked" or set up with unusual and suggestive scenarios, the Villa interiors, rich in artworks, make a fabulous backdrop for shows and photo-shootings.


The multifunctional features of the many spaces of the Villa, both indoors and outdoors, also allow the staging of various vernissage for the visual arts, music and drama. Besides, several TV commercials, major brands, as well as short movies, were filmed in Villa Caroli Zanchi, over the years.


All the rooms are finely decorated with beautiful Italian frescos and plastic works, while the floors are made with bright mosaic works. 19th century furniture and neoclassical statues complete the beauty of the indoors. All the frescoes are painted with colours and themes that are different in each room, thus creating a labyrinth of unique suggestions.


The park opens up in a huge clearing in meadows style, surrounded by ancient woodland. Caves, fountains and ponds complement the broad spectrum of this green and romantic environment.


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