Villa for wedding cerimonies and receptions in Bergamo

A beautiful villa, between Bergamo and Milano, for wedding ceremonies and receptions


Villas for wedding cerimonies and grand receptions near Bergamo

Our offer - Villa Zanchi - Stezzano (Bergamo)


Offerta Villa Zanchi Bergamo Milano


It important to say that the Villa is directly managed by the property. This means that we will not charge, neither directly nor indirectly, for the rental of the venue, but just for the chosen menu.


The menu price, though, accounts not just for the delicious food, but includes of course the impeccable service and organization all around the event, which makes every phase of the reception go on perfect and smooth. It includes the buffet setting up, the mastery in the presentation, the mise en place of the sit down meal, plus our complimentary centrepiece.


Menu prices start from 105 euros (+ vat) per person. This is however very approximate, as our policy is to build up an individual estimate based on your peculiar requirements and needs, on the chosen period, on number of people, and many other factors, to be seen by case.


Please contact us at +39/035591009 or at for further details or to make an appointment with our event manager.




2015 Villa Zanchi s.r.l. - Via Dante Alighieri, 42 - 24040 Stezzano (Bergamo)
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