Venue for fashion shows and shootings near Milano

Looking for a stunning stately home to set up your collection shows or to shoot commercials? Villa Caroli Zanchi, in the very heart of Lombardy, definitely worths a visit. You'll be thrilled!


Villa for fashion shows and fashion shootings near Bergamo

Ideal venue for shows and exclusive shootings - Villa Caroli Zanchi


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Villa Caroli Zanchi - Sfilate di moda e collezioni - Bergamo - Brescia - Milano e Brianza


ideal venue for fashion shows near Milan   beautiful Villa for fashion shows near Milan


ideal venue for fashion shows in Bergamo  

Italian ancient villa for fashion shows ideal venue for fashion shows in Lombardy


2015 Villa Zanchi s.r.l. - Via Dante Alighieri, 42 - 24040 Stezzano (Bergamo)
Tel. +39(0)35 591009 - Fax. +39(0)35 4379969 - Email: