Villa for civil wedding ceremonies and grand receptions

Villa Caroli Zanchi - Stezzano (Bergamo)

A beautiful villa for civil wedding ceremonies and grand receptions


Villa per ricevimenti Bergamo


Villa per ricevimenti Bergamo


A new philosophy of welcoming  both private and corporate events

The Villa changed ownership in May 2009 and this has certainly brought a breath of freshness, challenge and innovation in the management, while keeping the high level of the same experienced working staff, entirely reconfirmed.


We now pride ourselves of offering not ony a breath-taking venue, but also a top quality service, delivering a flexible approach, working with you to provide the perfect solution. Our experienced team is committed to personal service and will be there with dedicated support both in preparation and during your event.


Villa Zanchi was the wedding venue of countless couples, and each of them staged here a unique style event. Today the focus is on further strengthening the organizational structure and the customer service, while providing answers to different market segments, i.e. wedding, but also fashion and business.


This marvellous 19th century residence was the shooting location of popular fashion and design Italian brands. Our goal is now opening this fantastic venue to international brands from abroad.






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