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A magnificent Italian stately home, the perfect setting of weddings in romantic style


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Fairytale Wedding - Villa Caroli Zanchi - Stezzano (Bergamo)


Villa per matrimonio

A magical ambience

No doubt Villa Caroli Zanchi is truly a fairytale wedding venue. As soon as you walk in, you can immediately breath its irresistible charm.


The magical ambience is made by the beautiful Italian fine frescos, the romantic gardens, the 19th century furniture, the neoclassical statues, the labyrinth of stunning and changing indoors spaces, richly painted with different colours and themes, each one stirring up different suggestions.


The many decors of the Villa, however, are never too intrusive, redundant or overly baroque, but indeed very eclectic, imaginative. This makes the atmosphere lively, light and above all friendly, never stiff, heavy or cold.


Many people still dream (why not?) of a fairytale wedding, but only few of them can make the dream come true. This is really one of our goals, and we know how to do it.

Exclusive use of the Villa

Weddings here are booked as exclusive use days, which makes the house feel just like your own home - you and your guests can really relax and enjoy yourselves with no worries about disturbing the neighbours. The great thing of this Villa is that we open it up completely to your guests, who really are free to wander around everywhere in the house, finding out hidden and surprising spots.


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Villa Bergamo Lombardia


Thanks to the "richness" of the Villa interiors, a great plus of this location is that each moment of your wedding will take place in a different place, thus arousing a different emotion every time. This is thrilling, we can assure you!


Villa matrimonio Milano Lombardia

A gorgeous wedding, whatever the weather

Whatever the season, Villa Caroli Zanchi will give your wedding a special touch. In winter, log fires will roar in our antique fireplaces, while lots of candle light and a glass of mulled wine will fill the atmosphere with magic.


Location per matrimoni Location per matrimoni Bergamo 


In summer, what could be more joyful than starting your evening reception with champagne and canapes out in the flare-lit park, and ending the day dancing out in the park in bare feet? All of this, together with top class banqueting staff whom will care for your every need, means that memories of your wedding will be as wonderful as the day itself!


We are proud to offer a bespoke wedding service, with fabulous food, carefully prepared and cooked. Add fine wines from extensive wine list, and your day will be complete.


Please remember: special occasions should be held in special places!


Matrimonio in villa Bergamo



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